'Models Should Be Fatter'

Here at Flumesday Stateside we like to tackle the issues that matter most-- global warming, racism and now fashion. If you think I'm joking about the import of fashion, think again. As my favorite fashion critic Bruno once said, "Fashion saves more lives than doctors." That being said, a New York City lawmaker from the Boogie Down Bronx has proposed that weight standards for models and entertainers be written into state law. Assemblyman Jose Rivera believes that anorexia in the fashion world is a "nicht nicht" and seeks to create a state advisory board to recommend weight guidelines for models. While the prevalence of eating disorders has plagued the fashion industry for years, the November death of a Brazilian model who weighed 88 pounds when she died has brought a greater focus on the issue. Rivera said, "New York City is one of the world's leaders in fashion and entertainment and we don't want to do anything to harm those industries. At the same time, we need responsible protections in place." The proposed board would include health experts and fashion industry representatives who would create weight and body mass index requirements for models. I propose a visible rib limit, whereby a model who has more than 6 total ribs visible from a distance of 30 feet would be prohibited from working. This is simple, responsible and doesn't require models to always be thinking about their weight. Because Lord knows, they have enough to worry about.


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