Wanted, a loving den for the lion dog

Behind his lion-like mane and baleful stare, Errol the crossbred collie is just a great big pussycat.It's an image the owners of the rescue kennels where he has been a resident for the past ten years are anxious to promote. They have been trying to find him a home for more than a year since his brother William - abandoned with him in the summer of 1997 - died, leaving Errol alone in the world.Families were not keen to take on two dogs and Gemini Kennels in Wickford, Essex, refused to split the brothers up.Owner Michael Knight, 51, said: "Some people don't want to take on two, but now William has gone and Errol is a bit older, we feel it's time for him to move on. There is nothing like a home environment for a dog to live out its final years."Mr Knight has been on the lookout for more than 12 months and agrees that Errol's inner attractions may need some promoting."He is a very happy dog and just a big ball of fluff," he said. "He is fit and healthy - he just has a few teeth missing. Errol is not aggressive at all and he is still full of life."Dogs these days can live until they are 17, so he could have a long and happy retirement."We are looking for someone who will love him, preferably a family with teenagers or an elderly couple. He loves long walks."Sadly, competition for homes has increased as usual over Christmas. Mr Knight had to rescue three unwanted presents - Holly the Staffordshire bull terrier, Tinsel the shihtzu-pug cross and Violet the collie."Every rescue centre says the same, it's getting worse, not better," he said.

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